I Don't Read Very Much...

Chelsea McLin

black woman reading

As a bookstore owner, I have an endless supply of books at my disposal, I can read whatever I want whenever I want, but contrary to popular belief I only read a few books a year. 

When I was kid, books were my escape. I could lose myself in a novel for days and not think about anything else around me. As I entered college and then graduate school, my perception of reading shifted and became more of a chore. My peers would list off all the authors they read, of the critically acclaimed variety, and my own list would never measure. I did not read for enjoyment or to even grow intellectually, I read to keep up with the Academic Joneses. 

I now read for pure enjoyment and my own personal curiosity. If I don't like a book after awhile, I stop. I take week long hiatuses between chapters. I'll read a few pages, and then pick up the book the next day. And none of my reading practices mean I don't love reading as much as the person who's already read a dozen books this year. 

Reading doesn't have to be the chore that you think it is. If the only book you read this year, is one I recommended or something purchase my store, I consider that a win. 

You have an entire lifetime to read more

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